Some memories

The summer has passed, but the memories of endless beaches, complete carelessness, tanned skin and joyful hearts are still alive. You do remember the incredible happiness of last summer.

Going away to a place with (almost) no internet connection, where the only things that matter are the wide beaches, the salty sea and the tranquillity of you lying on a lounge with a book and a cold frappe, the tasty dinner, the sea food, the ouzo and the bottle of wine, the sweet deserts, the travelling in a car through small narrow streets up and down, is so charmingly perfect. And still when you close your eyes, you can feel the wind your hair and you can hear the silent noise of the sea. When you close your eyes, you are dreaming about the next time, when you could go somewhere and actuallygreece-766661_640 forget about the everydayness. No cares and no duties, no to-do lists, no schedules, no presentation, no home maintenance and no cooking. You will not have to think about any of these, while you are on an island somewhere in the middle of the sea, looking at the boats here and there and the cloudless sky above. And while thinking about all of these, I bet that you have a very specific place on mind – Greece. This country with a blue and white flag, which is rounded by seas, is the real paradise and there is a way to subscribe for this heaven. Buy a house on the magical Greek peninsula Halkidiki. And buy it NOW.


Lower Prices

There are three main reasons why now you could buy a villa there for the best price possible. The first one is more general and is connected with the economic crisis in Greece and the fact that the prices of every kind of property there are going down. But in addition, when you are buying a house out of season, or in our case in the middle of the winter, pretty logically the prices will be cheaper than if you are looking for a villa in the middle of July, when the demand is so high. Last but not least, Halkidiki is still one of those places where are there no crowds and thousands tourists, but tranquillity and calmness.

Easier house hunting

Well, right now everything connected with a house buying would be much easier. It would be cheaper to go there and see the house, as the plane tickets are not as expensive as in the active season. In addition, most of the real estate agents now are not so busy and will have to ability to show you a greater variety of options. They will indeed help you find your perfect house, because they will have the time. And believe me, there are some precious treasure houses there, which you would hardly find in the web. However, the locals will reveal them and you will fall in love with them, I am sure. So don’t wait.

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