Each of us has his own tried and tested methods of cleaning the house. Every day we face new challenges, however, in the household, which impose the need sought new solutions and ways to clean certain things in our house. If you are unable to call a cleaning company (try with syktenancy-cleaningchelsea.com), you have to deal  by yourself with the situation. The internet is full of articles such as “7 simple tips on how to clean your home”. Today I decided to share with you some tried and tested personally by me advice that will facilitate your housework are not so common. Everyone knows how to clean windows, but do you know how to clean the potted plants in your home?

1. Clean indoor plants

If your potted plants are too dirty or wilted from the heat at home, refresh them with a quick bath. Place the pots in the bathtub or on the bathroom floor and flush them lightly with the handle of the shower with lukewarm water. 

For smaller plants wrap the pot with paper towel held between the clip notes and carefully wash the leaves in a bucket of water.

2. Clean lampshades

Lampshades made of fabric can clean quickly and easily with a simple roll cleaner for clothes – its adhesive surface will collect dirt without much effort from both outside and inside the lampshade.

3. Drying of glass containers

Dry the inside of the glass vessels in the neck (decanters, vases, bottles) can be a challenge – if you leave them to dry air their water condenses on the walls of the vessel and can cause discoloration of the glass. In this difficult task, however, will deal easily if you put them in tightly coiled funnel paper towel that reaches 3/4 of the height of the container. The paper will absorb moisture and will put out without condensation. Click To Tweet

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